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StrombolI is the northernmost of the Aeolian Islands and the only volcano in the archipelago (and among the few in the world) in permanent strombolian activity, meaning with constant explosive eruptions. For this reason seafarers call it "lighthouse of the Tyrrhenian Sea". A main attraction is the Sciara del Fuoco, where lava flows continuously from Serro dei Vancori (926m) creating an amazing night show.


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More About Stromboli Island

The island is inhabited since the Bronze Age and in the Classical era, the era to which the remains of the Greek necropolis date back. In 1930 Stromboli was almost abandoned following a violent eruption and a tsunami. Today, its approximately 500 inhabitants live in the north-eastern villages of San Vincenzo, Ficogrande and Piscità. Off coast the Strombolicchio reef rises, whose shape seems to be the remains of a medieval castle.

White houses border the black beaches of Ficogrande, Piscità, Punta Lena and Scari, the island's main port. It's also the departing point for boat excursions to the Sciara del Fuoco and to Ginostra, a tiny village on the island's opposite side, only accessible by sea via the port of Pertuso, considered the world's smallest.

Very popular with hikers is the striking ascension to the volcano, best to be performed with an experienced guide, and preferably in the afternoon, in order to get to the top in time to enjoy the stunning sunset. Starting from Piscità, follow the road that leads to Punta Labronzo, where the real climb to the Stromboli begins. Up to the top, it's about a 3 hour walk along rugged lava trails. From there explosions are very close and with clear sky, the view range over the coasts of Calabria, Sicily and Mount Etna.

The island's shallow waters are great for diving enthusiasts, especially the Secca dello Scirocco and the sea anemones and corals rich seabeds surrounding Strombolicchio. The rock can also be climbed through a flight of steps carved into the rock.

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