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Did you know?

Realmonte is a small town situated 15 kilometers west of Agrigento, stretching along Sicily's southern coast. The village was founded in 1681, during the Spanish rule, by Duke Domenico Monreale, on a site that was inhabited since prehistoric times. It stands on a hillside overlooking the Lido Rossello, Punta Grande, Pergole and Giallonardo resort areas.




Porto Empedocle



More About Realmonte

Realmonte's major attraction is Costa Bianca, a spectacular white calcareous marl cliff overhanging the sea that stretches from Lido Rossello to Scala dei Turchi (The Turkish Staircase), looking like a titanic staircase that Moors used to climb to raid the villages.

To counteract enemy raids along Sicily's coast, the coastal defense system was built in the 16th century. It consists of a chain of watch towers, such as the mighty Tower of Monterosso standing in a panoramic position on a red limestone promontory.

Remains of a 1st century BC Roman villa stand close to the beach, a large domus built around a central courtyard consisting of a residential wing with various rooms and a spa area with frigidarium, tepidarium and calidarium, embellished with mosaics of gods and sea monsters.

In the Contrada Scavuzzo you can witness the amazing Salt Cathedral, a church entirely excavated into a salt mine, decorated with carved furnishings, where a solemn mass is celebrated on December 4th, feast day of the minders' patron saint, Santa Barbara.

Very impressive are the Holy Week's rites, beginning on Palm Sunday and culminating with the Via Crucis (Passion of Christ) on Good Friday, with two separate processions, one of Christ's cross and one of the Madonna Addolorata, joining at the Calvary.

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