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Did you know?

An antic town, dating back to around 734 BC, when Chalcidians decided to settle at Capo Schisò founding one of the first Greek colonies in Sicily. The new colony was named Naxos, like the eponymous Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Following a defeat from Syracuse, the colony was populated only by fishermen and farmers, to become the "Village of Gardens", thanks to the presence of lemon groves of orange trees. In 1978 the name Naxos was re-added in the memory of the first Greek Colony. Today, Giardini Naxos together with Taormina and Letojanni, is one of the most famous seaside resorts in eastern Sicily.






More About Giardini Naxos

The history of the citizens’ origin can be relived at the Archeological Park which stretches on an area of about 40 hectares. Naxos was famous for the production of ceramics and wrought iron, in addition to activities such as agriculture and fishing. Activities that during the years have almost totally disappeared, leaving room for an economy purely based on tourism.

Its wonderful waterfront, behind the hills of the Taurus and the fascinating Taormina. The whole coast is lined with sandy beaches and lidos. Among the most beautiful beaches we have to mention Recanati. One of the most popular among tourists and the beach of San Giovanni is also a not to be missed. The beaches are surrounded by restaurants, pubs and nightclubs which render your walks pleasant, day and night.

Among the town’s attractions we also list the church of ‘’Santa Maria della Raccomandata. Its inside is decorated with many art works dating back to the 18th century. Other churches which worth visiting are the St. Panteleimon and the church of St. John.

Exploring the inland of the city you will come across other smaller monuments, such as the Roman villa Consular Valeria, the statues of Teocles and Silenus, the temple and the Olympic port of Naxos. Do not miss the Castle of Schisò, a military fortification dating back to the Middle Ages.

From Giardini Naxos you can take part in guided tours to the beautiful Taormina, Castelmola and Catania or enjoy excursions to the Etna National Park and the River Park.

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