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Did you know?

Milazzo is a town in the province of Messina, symbolically known as the "Gateway to the Aeolian" with easy access to the beautiful ‘’Seven Sisters’’ (the Aeolian Islands). The city dates back to the Greek era and played a key role in the First Punic War and the historic battle of Milazzo with the arrival of the famous red shirts in July 1860. The name seems to be linked to that of the river "Apple", which in the second half of 1500 ended up in the natural harbor.




Giardini Naxos


More About Milazzo

The peninsula of Milazzo is home to many places of artistic and cultural interest like the Castle, a national monument that stands proudly on top of the ancient town and covers an area of seven hectares. Founded and rebuilt by the Arabs on Greek, Roman and Byzantine ruins, it was later developed by the Normans, the Swabians and by the Aragonese with the aim of improving its defenses. Bastions which give the manor citadel look were then built by the Spanish and inside the Ancient Cathedral and an amphitheater can be still witnessed today. The Ancient Cathedral is the symbol of the city; the structure is a Greek cross with a single large dome, enhanced by columns with Corinthian characteristics and friezes with zoomorphic motifs, engraved by the skilled hands of artists from Syracuse.

Another historic and cultural piece is certainly the Palace of the Jury. Built in early the 1300’s, later it served as the headquarters of the Senate of Milazzo. Connected to the Benedictine monastery between 1616 and 1637, today it is home to many events and shows.

Milazzo is also about a lot of sun and relaxation. You can relax and enjoy yourself on the beautiful, pristine coasts like the Poniente beach. A wild oasis characterized by pebbles and crystal clear waters.The promontory of Capo Milazzo is an Eden where one can regenerate following the stress from the city. Particularly the ponds of Venus, the natural pools will provide you with moments of perfect harmony.

You can sign up for excursions from Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands, or the ''dei Nebrodi'' Park, the most widespread protected area of Sicily. Tindari should also be on your to do list, famous for its mesmerizing lagoon.

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